Review 2020 | A media streaming website, Best series, tv shows, and movies streaming website Review: Have you ever watch TV shows and series online? If you are then you must have heard the name Netflix. It is one of the most popular platforms to provides TV programs, top web series, and films, etc online. Here online means you can watch Netflix on your Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, and TV's as well. So let's have a look at the features and plans of Netflix. website Introduction

Netflix is a premium online streaming website that has several benefits of entertainment where anyone can watch their popular web series, shows, films on TV as well as on smartphones. They have their Netflix app where they provide 30 days free trial but you need to add your bank details, I will discuss the steps below.


Best Netflix Series you can watch-

Netflix has lots of best Web series and Netflix Originals that you can watch right now. Below is a list of popular series that have maximum rating given by Rottentomatoes are-
  1. Master of None (2015)
  2. Big Mouth (2017)
  3. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (2017)
  4. Tuca and Bertie (2019)
  5. Babylon Berlin (2017)
  6. Chewing Gum (2015)
  7. Ugly Delicious (2018)
  8. Dirty Money (2018)
  9. CrazyHead (2016)
  10. Elite (2018)
Check out the latest web series on and the original series that growing the popularity.

Netflix Features Review:

There are some important features provided by the Netflix company to the users are listed below-
  1. Web Series and shows- Netflix is the most popular platform to deliver web series to its users. They cover most of the best web series in English, Hindi, and many other languages. Some of the popular series are- Narcos, Black Mirror, Wild Wild Country, Sacred Games, Delhi Crime, and many others.
  2. Films- You can watch the most popular films on Netflix. You only need to have a subscription and all the contents are available for you. Some most common films are- Mudbound, Okja, Boyhood, Roma, American Factory, and many others.
  3. TV programs- They also provide tv programs and shows that include Anime, Documentaries, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Kids, Cartoons, etc.

Is Netflix Free for users?

Most of you have a question on your mind that Is free to use? You must know that it is a premium website that provides many features to its users so you cannot expect it on free. Yes, Netflix has a Free trial for new users of 30 days but you have to choose a premium plan and include bank details in the registration. So, I think now you know that Netflix is not a free platform and it has a minimum subscription plan for user-based that is discussed below.

Join us on Telegram Plans Review:

Netflix has subscription fees for the mobile app, and for TV, Computer. The plans are divided into 4 types as preferred- Mobile, Basic, Standard, Premium. Each plans have different advantages and feature so choose your plan as per your need. The plans are listed below with their advantages-
  1. Mobile Plan:
    • Price- Rs. 199 per month
    • HD, Ultra HD- Not available
    • Laptop and TV- Not available
    • Screens you can watch- 1
    • Unlimited Films and Tv programs- Available
    • First Month Free- Available
  2. Basic:
    • Price- Rs. 499 per month
    • HD, Ultra HD- Not available
    • Laptop and TV- Available
    • Screens you can watch- 1
    • Unlimited Films and Tv programs- Available
    • First Month Free- Available
  3. Standard:
    • Price- Rs. 649 per month
    • HD, Ultra HD- HD Available, Ultra HD Not available
    • Laptop and TV- Available
    • Screens you can watch- 2
    • Unlimited Films and Tv programs- Available
    • First Month Free- Available
  4. Premium:
    • Price- Rs. 799 per month
    • HD, Ultra HD- Available
    • Laptop and TV- Available
    • Screens you can watch- 4
    • Unlimited Films and Tv programs- Available
    • First Month Free- Available
If you need more information than you can read on the Netflix Subscription details here.

Netflix App for Mobile have their own application for Android and IOS devices along with Tablets and Smart TVs. So, now you don't need to have a Smart TV or a computer to watch Netflix, you can access everything from your smartphone and tablet as well. Like the website, here also you need to subscribe to the mobile plan if you want to enjoy the contents.

Where Netflix apk app can be found?

You can find the Android application that is the apk file in the Google Playstore and for the iPhone user, you can install the app from Apps Store. The installation process is similar to and if you don't know then go have a look. There are several other application stores available in the Internet but I will recommend only to use the default store that comes with your phones. It is because many apps stores are affected by malware and viruses that can harm your system so be safe.

If you have installed the application then next you need to create an account and if you already have it then just login using your details. I will discuss the account creation process below so have a look. I just remind one thing that is a premium platform for online TV shows, Series streaming so you must require a minimum of Rs. 199 to have an account on it.

How to signup for an account in Netflix?

The procedure to go with a premium Netflix account is very easy. You just need to signup with and select the suitable plan you want. After selecting, you need to pay the amount with any of the payment systems, and that's it, you are a Netflix user now. Now you will be required to login with the account for unlimited ad-free entertainment. So the steps to signup are shown below-
  • First of all, you need to visit the website or app.
  • Then you will see a comment "Sign up for free trial".
  • You need to click here and create your account.
  • Fill the important details properly and choose the plan you are suitable for.
  • Now you need to provide your bank details so that the money can be charged.
  • That's it you can now have 1 month free Trial and watch afterward.
I think you have learned to make the account, if not then write on the comment section I will reply ASAP.


I hope you have read the above article and want my conclusion and a Review of the website and application. Netflix has quality choices in web series and popular tv shows, so if you are searching for Best TV shows, series, films then Netflix is a good choice. I will give my honest review on Netflix. This is the best application you should have in your smartphone for the latest shows and tv programs. But if you are watching too much time for tv shows and serials then it negatively affects your brain and wasting time is a bad habit. Hence, you can use it as per your choice. Thanks.

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